January 19th, 2010

Sea dragon

Blogging: it's not just for breakfast anymor

Quick update. What I need to be doing right now is finishing my Little Dog Laughed review. I'll call this my warm up.

Looks like I haven't been posting about "life" on here, so:

Friday: a day at work I've already forgotten about, followed by birthday drinks chez booklectic, where I got to see lots of my friends but was really struggling to stay awake.

Theme: not enough sleep lately.

Saturday: an Ozu themed day, with an afternoon lecture at the BFI about Tokyo Story (comparison of him to Chekov very good), then a viewing of Dragnet Girl, which I had a hard time not dozing off during. Then we slogged through the rain to Amy's house, where she served us chile and we watched State Fair. It was a good night but I felt beat.

Sunday: headed to Putney after lunch and then walked to Wimbledon Heath with wechsler. A good evening, really, and I managed to get to sleep at a decent hour.

Monday: at work, I spent most of my day with my peer from our government owned doppelganger. Part of this was listening to a presentation on "What Good Is," which started out with me arguing for half an hour with the speaker, who asserted the goal of testing is finding bugs. Seriously. He might as well say that the goal of medicine is to keep doctors employed. Later MyTwin and I talked about how screwed up the situation is at the companies we work for. Always good to have someone who really understands your situation, I say.

Monday night: went to see Little Dog Laughed, for which I got free tickets and for which I'm being paid to write a review ... you know, when I finish this journal entry. I started it on the train on the way back home - a girl's gotta take the time where she can find it.

This morning: joined BookMooch. Decided not to post any books (even though I have a basketful I want to give away next to the couch) because I don't feel like mailing them right now. FYI, I've been reading Steel Remains and enjoying it quite a lot. Man on elf smut in actual printed literature: what has the world come to? (The answer to which is "good things," of course.)

Work: two hours of coaching from the Silver Fox (not time too well spent but I got a good idea on teaching people how to "challenge," in this case take all the things they see that don't work right and try to get them to think how they might be fixed, or even improved a little, THEN work on getting them to do it); wrote up job descriptions (this is why I forget what I do, it was boring); then a two hour meeting I didn't really need to be at which forced me to listen to a colleague berate a supplier for not doing something three months ago that he no longer cared if the guy did or didn't do. I wanted to leave the room.

I was late getting out because I needed to set an OOF message as I am in training the next two days, and I was 5 minutes late for A Mother Should Be Loved at the BFI. I had a hard time not falling asleep again, so I was okay with the fact that the final reel was missing and we all got to leave after a mere 77 minutes. J and I used our extra time to get dinner at Chatkhara, which was good.

And now: writing!