February 3rd, 2010


Rake's progress: Twespians

The long and the short of it - my life summarized in one sentence - is that if I don't get a hairband together SOON I am going to go mad. My hair has looked like crap for the last two days and I don't know where in the house the damn thing has run off to. I look like I slept on a couch at work overnight. It's awful.

Anyway, I'm busy (as ever). Last night I went to this brilliant meet up for people who Twitter about theater. It was an event skewed much younger than my normal theater gig, and was full of actors, directors, theater fans, publicists, a puppet maker, lots of bloggers, the works! I had to listen to college near-graduates asking me what I was going to do now that "I've made a name for myself" with a straight face.

That said, gotta earn my, er, "name," so I got my review of Rake's Progress (which we saw Saturday) written up. I didn't really enjoy it that much. I'd much rather have spent the time writing up last night. I'll add that I went to an Ozu movie earlier tonight (There Was a Father), which was odd and a damaged print to boot but still an insightful view into Japan circa 1943. I do really want the book about Ozu that I read about this morning - Ozu and the Poetics of Cinema - but at $65 a copy I'm in no rush. We had dosas after the movie let out; it was a good evening. And now, dammit, a bit too late to bed. Grr. Stupid writing!