February 6th, 2010

Sea dragon

Plus ca change

So tell me how this is so much like my life in Seattle was.

This morning. Slept in. Fed nice breakfast.

Out at one. Off to see art exhibit (Kinetica art show, would go over well with steampunk types and moving art enthusiasts.) Yeah, I wrote a play review on the way up there, but I didn't finish it. Bought lunch and then ...

Off to [Art Movie House] (BFI) to see [art movie] (Late Summer). Totally grooved on utterly raw exposure to very different culture in a historically different era (really like the scenes set at the Kabuki-za - did the women really dress up with the crazy wigs like that? - and also was shocked by family's horror at daughter marrying a "widower with a child" - was that really seen as such a bad match?).

Home at 6:30 and attempting to make miracles happen. Produced cheese enchiladas and all the fixin's plus bonus brownies for[friend] ( a booklectic and dr_d), with plenty of time for [game} (Agricola). Played, had fun, had a "brownies a la mode" first harvest round and am now trying to figure out when we can do it again.

I was worried about when we could go on a trip with booklectic again, but then I realized, yeah, sure, she's having a baby this summer, but we've got the rest of our lives, right? Because clearly I ain't goin' nowhere.

Finishing my review and the rest of the bottle of wine I opened earlier tonight. See you all on the flip side. :-)