February 7th, 2010

Crowned T

Dagnabbit, I need some pens

Hey, American folks:

Would any of you consider doing a not too costly favor for me? I have finally run out of my beloved Pilot fine black ballpoint pens. It says on the outside of the box these are the "better retractable" ballpoints. They're made of hard plastic with circles around the outside for grip. Pilot seems to mostly have moved to these irritating soft rubber pens, or pens with big fat grips I find hard to hold on to.

I can't seem to find these pens in the UK. They have some version of these, but not in fine point in black.

Can someone buy me a box of 12 and mail them to me? I can repay you somehow, I promise. (Or if you know where to get these in the UK and my Google fu has failed me, please let me know.)