February 16th, 2010


More flamenco is good for me

Inspired by the actually somewhat unimpressive macho style of the Nuevo Ballet Espanol on Sunday, I bought ticket for yet another flamenco festival participant, in this case Eva Yerbabuena. I probably should buy a shawl like the woman on the picture is wearing, too. I can feel the urge coming on.

Tonight I spent watching Megan Mullally singing songs on stage - before I got bored and went home. The day was spent getting some "training" that just didn't deliver what I wanted. I got very angry at one point about the speaker's insistence on training us on his customized requirements specification language - the one that has a 300 page support book that he wrote. I wasn't going to become an expert in it in two days and I didn't want to because that's not my primary job - and even if I did, it would be a waste of time because no one else at my organization uses it and they're not about to change overnight - not even in two years. Dammit, what I need to know is how to get people around a table having the right conversations and how to think creatively about what the solutions to the problems we're having might be. My solution was to go home two hours early. Grr.