February 24th, 2010


Bad play; tired

Last night J and I went up north to Caledonian Road to a theater called the Pleasance which ... of all things ... was located over the pub I went to the first time I came here to meet up with "my LJ friends." It was called Shillibeers back then but now it's something much nicer, the "Woodstore." Actually, a lot of really emotionally important events took place in that pub, and it was quite the wash of memories to walk in there and see all the familiar topography and none of the familiar faces.

We made it upstairs for the show in good time, but "The Devil You Know" from Lost Soul Music (six short, new musicals, presented two a night) was so dull we hurried out afterwards, figuring more sleep was better than the now very remote seeming possibility that something interesting might happen on stage in the second half.

I got in bed at a decent time (read Coram Boy all the way on the train - I've been enjoying it a lot), slept like a rock, but for some reason woke up feeling sad and weepy. Well, all things considered, the blues hit like a sack of bricks around 4 PM so it can't be much of a surprise ... they don't normally walk away because they got bored. So I'm thinking, wow, it's been a whole month since I last went on vacation, and more than a month before I get another day off work ... damn, I could use some time off work. Instead, off I go in the cold and wet. At least it's warming up a little bit. Can it be spring now, please?