February 26th, 2010


Two movies, one play, and two flamenco performances by the end of the week

Yesterday I spent in Chesterfield, training the female half of my team. It's just the way it's worked out: there are five women working there and no men. We were talking about having an all-team meeting with the folks from the other two locations in the summer; my plan had been to have it in London, but they pointed out the gigantic park behind the offices, promised to bring chocolate cake, and basically sold me on having it (and the accompanying picnic) there.

Despite it being damp, it was fun being in Chesterfield yesterday (despite the 2 hour train ride to and fro). It was one of the market days, and apparently this is the day the "antiques" (read: flea) market is there. I got a pretty vase from about the 40s or so and two really corny plates with a horses and hounds theme.

I also got some writing done. J and I had been to see Lost Soul Music at the Pleasance theater the night before. There's little to say about the play (which said it was an original musical, not a boring one), and a lot more to say about the venue, which was over a pub formerly known as Shillibeers. This was where I went the first time I came out here, to meet the people I'd only known online; and in later days, I returned various nights for different clubbing events. It brought back a rush of memories, many of them sad (rather in keeping with Wednesday's general mope).

Anyway, after I made it back to London last night, J and Amy and I went to Sadler's Wells to see the Maria Pages company (my review here). It was a good time. The Flamenco Festival is near its end, but I'm going one last time with dreamsewingmiko tonight. It'll be nice to see here; it's been almost two months and life has been very intersting since then.
Sea dragon

The mysteries of life

It's like this, you see.

If you get mad and are then rude to me, I am now mad at you.

Being told that you're no longer made doesn't stop the part where I am now mad. I expect a discussion and maybe an apology. Maybe the apology should come from both sides, but the fact of the matter is: my mad doesn't just go away.