August 7th, 2010

Holo Holo Girl

Saturday in Lyme Regis

I'm in Lyme Regis, at a B&B called the Kersbrook (you can look it up online; as I am posting from my phone, I can't). I'm waiting for breakfast (full English, poached, wholemeal, no mushrooms), drinkking tea I made in the room; a lively Dian Hong that tastes thick and creamy in a way Assam only dreams of. It's 2 years old, so time to finish it off, I say, The jam options look good.

Last night I arrived in Axminster around 5, waited 20 minutes for a bus, dropped my bags off, then went for a walk around town. My goal became to find a fossil walk I could go on today, but I also found dinner (steak, a rare indulgence) annd a movie (Inception) and got a call from shevek. My steak was fine, but Inception bored me 45 minutes in and failed to redeem itself for nearly 2 hours more. Rififi is a much better thriller/caper flick; all of Richard Morgan's books are more imaginative. Alas.

I'm set for my walk: it's at ten by the seaside. Later tonight I will see The Rat's Tale at the Marine Theater, a comedy about the arrival of the plague in Lyme Regis; at some point I will poke around in the very good used bookstore here for more Nancy Mitford and of course I will buy fudge. It will be a good day, I know it.