August 11th, 2010


Don't let the sounds of your own wheels make you crazy

I'm trying to dial it down, way down, this week. What does that mean? Getting home before 11 every night; getting home by 10 most nights. (Small steps, eh?) This should slowly add to my candle even if both wicks are still lit.

Last night I went out to see a really lovely little "circus" called "Le Cirque Invisible" at Queen Elizabeth hall: the whole thing was not performy but more spectacle-y and reminded me of City of Lost Children. It was entirely too slow to be a circus; I was happy to relax and watch the pretty pictures unfolding before me.

Otherwise mostly this week has been about Pilates, lots of Pilates. In fact, there will be Pilates three times before the week is over, in no small part because the Y is having a half-priced Pilates promotion this month. But in addition to Pilates, there is Going To See Toy Story, which W and I did tonight. I enjoyed it and cried just a tiny bit, mostly because I was dying of cute at the very end.

Then I got home and discovered I'd left my keys at work, and happily I did not cry.

Tomorrow I will tell you about the meeting I had today (at work of course) in which we watched a safety presentation and the whole thing became like people reading out their fortunes from Chinese cookies with everyone adding "in bed" on the end. The woman doing the presentation was literally in tears at the end. What horrible people I work with! I mean, you know, because they all laugh so hard and are so very silly. Anyway, with luck, more about this tomorrow.