August 17th, 2010


Review of La Bete

So I went to see a play last night, La Bete (link goes to my review), which had all sorts of airs of familiarity about it which I almost entirely got wrong. First, I thought I knew the playwright, but it turns out it wasn't some old Moliere thing with a fresh new translation, but rather a relatively new play by an American playwright. Then I thought it had someone who was a cartoon voice (in some animated series or movie), but it turns out the person I heard speaking who sounded familiar wasn't the voice of Sideshow Bob at all, but just Kelsey Grammar David Hyde Pierce, who I didn't even know did stage plays (and whom I didn't recognize as being American for at least half of the show, oops). Finally, I thought there was only one actor I knew in the show, but it turned out that I was very familiar with the lead female role in the play, as it was Joanna Lumley of Absolutely Fabulous! It seemed rather pathetic that I didn't recognize her at all during the entire the show and that Mr. Not Actually Sideshow Bob didn't register either. Ah well.

Anyway, it was a good show and won bonus points from me for being less than two hours long, though of course really what I will remember of my evening was the joy of eglantinedreams' company. It's so nice to hang out with people who get your creative juices going, especially when you're prone to feeling like you have no creativity. That said, it was the first time I saw someone take a dump on the stage, but I think I want to forget rather than remember that.

Meanwhile, today was a grand old Work From Home day, with extra added wechsler to make it all just a little bit better. I made him tacos and now we're playing Carcasonne. It's a quiet evening but a good one for me, I think, especially since he keeps making swearing noises like I'm beating him, which, I'm sure, means that he's winning as usual.