August 25th, 2010

reading is fun-damental

Books for me

Right - I'm packing for my trip (Dubrovnik this time) and I'm currently on the most important bit, picking the books. Clothes one can find while travelling but in most foreign countries English literature is not easily come by. I've got six books, all of which can be left behind if they prove unsatisfactory - or read. They are:
Snuff Fiction, Robert Rankin
Count Karlstein, Phillip Pullman (I will read this one first)
The Wind in the Willows, Kenneth Grahame
Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen (not likely to be as good as Persuasion but there you have it)
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle (expect this won't really be to my tastes and will be left behind)
Night Train, Martin Amis

I feel confident I can read at least three of these on my trip, one each way on the plane, and one in the evenings or on the beach. Mmmm, books. How I love them.

Writing much?

I've spent all day thinking about how to do a modern day version of Persuasion set in Brighton, with pretentious hippies as the people I'm making fun of. The genre is rich, and there are plenty of people to make fun of. I think I've got most of the story worked out; I just need to figure out who Anne is really in love with. I'm fighting between having her be a person who just wants to be normal (with a hippie dad) and maybe, I don't know, falling in love with a postman, or ... something else. Ideas, oh hive mind?