November 7th, 2010

Sea dragon

Nanowrimo (Vanity Fair) update

I'm at page 476 of Vanity Fair. I made huge progress today due to the worst feature of the day: being stuck on a rail replacement bus to Brighton (from, um, Haywards' Heath). Comedy moment: 100 or so vintage cars toodling down the road in front of our bus. Non-comedy moment: attempting to merge into that very line of traffic, which was full of gawkers and broken down cars. My 45 minute trip was almost 2 hours. Bleah.

That said, hanging out with eglantinedreams was very nice today. I made her a very late lunch (rigatoni alla Norma), then we headed to the Hove City Hall to see Red Priest. They did a program that was all Bach and Vivaldi, and performed it with brio and a strong sense of the comic. However, I think they may have done a little too much showing off and lost some technique along the way: still, it was impressive to watch a guy play two recorders at the same time.

Yesterday was Quiet Day In, which featured a lot of Wechsler and a lot of food, gardening, games, and David Attenborough. I got almost all of my flowers planted thanks to the innovation of having two shovels; now I just need to get the last 20 or so in the ground and my work is done for this fall.

And ... I think that's it, really. It's 11PM and time to go to bed. See you later ...