November 11th, 2010

Sea dragon

Nanowrimo (Vanity Fair) update 5

Vanity Fair is going great - I'm at page 588 and it seems like it's very close to the end. Reading it today reminded me that I want to go to Lyme Regis again, preferably with robot_mel and beluosus, if I can convince them to go some time this winter. Somehow I think I could get some good writing and reading there and also enjoy the sea air, though truth be told it might be a bit brisk for a while yet.

Today was ... well, work, you know, it's just too strange for words these days. Nobody knows whether or not they have a job if they were told they might not have a job, which is about 2/3 of the compay. The dust isn't going to settle until January. Bleah. But the good part is that afterwards I went and had a drink with babysimon, whom it was a treat to see. As ever these days my emotions were right at the top (ditto for my post-show drink with Booglystix yesterday); it's like I don't even have any skin, I bruise on touch and my eyes leak with almost no provocation. Anyway, I tried to convince him (and <lj user=trishpiglet) to go to Egypt with me this winter on a sunny holiday; we'll see if I am successful. My mistake was continuing in my quest to see Dracula at the Greenwich Playhouse. I was stymied at every turn, and believe me I made several: the streets weren't signed, the houses weren't numbered, I made nearly a complete circle and ultimately discoved this "theater" was over a pub. It was some info painfully missing from the publicity. I arrived ten minutes late but still barely at the start of the show. It turns out it wasn't a musical: it was just a straight version of Dracula. There were some puns and sexual innuendo ("Screw loose-y! Screw Lucy!" screamed Renfield) but mostly I was wondering just when they would choose to have the intermission, as I was dying to leave. Finally Lucy "bit it" and I made a run for it, making it home at a relatively early 10:20. I actually took a bath, though the water just couldn't get very hot due to the air temperature being so cold right now; still, I might have worked the knots from last night's Pilates session out a bit. I even read in the tub; this is a good book, but I'm looking forward to finishing it and getting on with my William Gibson.