November 24th, 2010


My 5th Thanksgiving away

I wonder if I'll ever spend another Thanksgiving in America? It all seems so hard to imagine, especially given that I don't think there's really any "family" celebrations for me to attend anymore now that my grandmothers have died.

I'm celebrating tomorrow by bringing a pumpkin pie into work (to the Thursday meeting I'm always writing about, the one that's so comic). I'm going to do a quick PowerPoint presentation on turkey day as a kind of "morale improvement exercise," then give everyone some pie. They may not care about pilgrims, but I just bet I'll get them with the pie. No real reason not to have a big family harvest dinner here, too ... and God knows we could use something to keep them from putting the Christmas decorations up in the stores on November 1st.

Later in the evening I'm going to BoDeans for their big turkey dinner with my American friend Josh. It also features *drool* smoked ham. MMM Mmm MMM and no dishes!