November 28th, 2010


Kinda getting behind: review, "La Soiree," Southbank big tent

I'm sitting around the house on a very cold Sunday morning, the sun streaming in the windows, going, "What do I do now?" and kind of wanting to make pancakes, so, of course, this means I'm fooling around on the internet, and I notice DAMN my web site stats were the lowest yesterday that they've been in a month. Poo. But then, what should I expect when I only wrote one review all week? Still (and the link is my review of it), babysimon and I had a great time at La Soiree, the sexy circus entertainment evening going on in a big top near the South Bank, and I'd like to encourage people to go. In fact, I'd like to organize a group to go and have us all sit at a table. However, blogwise it's sad that I wrote it up almost two weeks after I saw it. Four show weeks are hard to catch up on.

It's odd, in retrospect, my week consisted a great deal of having dinner with people and not in going out. I did go to one show, The Showstoppers up in Islington, but since the whole thing was fairly scripted by the West End Whingers (and not as fun as the previous one because of this), it wasn't really worth writing up in my book. I wonder if I'm getting lazier about my show write-ups, less dedicated to my hobby? It was all so much easier when it was just a few lines in my blog and not a six hundred word minimum opus.

That said, my review of the Hackney Panto beckons, as does breakfast, a shower, and a little housework. I'd really better get on it.