December 3rd, 2010


Paging Mr Tumnus; Iolanthe review

Well, we're starting December with a thick blanket of snow in England. It's rather less in London but still there's plenty there; today is supposed to be sunny but below freezing. Next up: sheets of ice. I am NOT looking forward to another tailbone cracking incident. Fortunately the Pilates has been helping me keep my balance and I haven't fallen so far though I've slipped many times. And it's giving me lots of time to work on my reviews: I've finished my (girlishly enthusiastic) Iolanthe write up, and hopefully I'll get Black Watch and the Northern Ballet's Nutcracker in the bag by the end of today.

In major packing fail, I got a back together for an overnight and brought the top but NOT the bottoms of my flannel pjs. How did that happen? I also forgot toothpaste but found a teensy container in with a travel toothbrush that had been rolling around in the bottom of my bag forever. All of this was eclipsed by my losing the panther charm off of my Les Nereides bracelet I bought myself as a "you've been working very hard and deserve something nice" present last summer; it must have got caught by my coat when I was taking it off (or putting it on) and snapped off. It made me happy every time I put it on. Wah. :-(

In other news I haven't the faintest idea what my life is going to look like at the end of January other than I think I'll still be working for Il Postino and living in the same house. Everything else feels up in the air. I realize that a long time ago I accepted the fact that most of life was just making it up as you go along, but this all just seems a bit ridiculous.