December 7th, 2010

Sea dragon

Life lessons

My goal from back in February is to "get the drama out of my life," and I think that continues to be a really good goal. Drama is SO exciting, you know, but it really is much nicer when it's on the stage and you can leave it behind when you leave the theater. I have had my LDA (Lifetime Daily Allowance) and while I realize that's not going to give me a free pass from more later (there will be deaths, it's unavoidable), I think a 14 month break would be a good start.

Also I'm desperately trying to finish a book in time to give it to someone as a (slightly used) Christmas present. And morale at work continues to be low. And I'm very tired today due to staying up far too late talking on the phone.
Sea dragon

Review of Nutcracker: peek on my life

Everybody on the High Muckety Muck teams has disappeared for three days for some kind of Executive Hoo Hah meetings to which I was, apparently, not invited. There was no announcement of this; they just disappeared. So it's dead at the office, dead like our souls.

I finished my review of the Nutcracker at the Leeds Grand. It is not one of my better reviews but I needed to get it out of the way so I could have the brain space to write up Matthew Bourne's Cinderella, which I saw tonight but will not be staying up to review.

I spent my evening hanging with new friend Sophie, and she was a load of common sense, listening to me talk about the stuff that's bothering me and giving me sound advice, which I'll summarize as, "Dance more and wear sparkly jeans." She also said to avoid people who aren't good for my life, spend more time with the people who are, and feel free to focus on short-term happiness to get through the doldrums. It seems good advice. We'll be hanging out more. We're kind of going through some similar stuff but she seems to be ahead of me on the happiness train. I also talked about collaborating with her on some kind of game. Now wouldn't it be cool if that happens?

Also, I like having Pete as a room mate. He really helps keep me from getting utterly flatlined depressed, well, he keeps it from happening as much as it used to.

With that: bedtime.