December 17th, 2010


"On the 20th Century" review: brief update

I have actually been going like mad for a week - party Saturday, movie Sunday, hard hard work Monday and Tuesday (with a trip to Anansi's Tales at Southwark Playhouse and On the Twentieth Century at the Union Theatre afterwards, even though I was nearly falling over from exhaustion), chillax at home with David Attenborough and wechsler after the work lunch on Wednesday (Private Life of Plants molto bene), Christmas concert yesterday, and incredibly bad Original Nutcracker with Exedore tonight. I am now three behind on the number of reviews I have to write, or could write. The one show I have written up is On the Twentieth Century, which was the best of the plays but possibly not as good as the choral concert, which had music from Britten and Gorecki and nearly made me cry probably twice. I blame this on the lack of sleep this week and physical exhaustion but you all gotta know the truth, emotions run high in the holidays. Speaking of which I wanted to share this post from mr_sadhead that I think bears rebroadcasting:

This holiday season is rucking up a lot of ugly feelings in people it seems like. A lot of the old self-hatreds and memories of mistreatments are coming back out. I'm not immune to it. People, don't let the whispering evil voices get to you this time. You are good, you are worthy, the past is dead, you can allow yourself to be happy.

Back to me: if you feel like getting down with some tears trickling down your snow covered cheeks, let it be for something beautiful, like the following, Gorecki Symphony No. 3:

Alternately take yourself on a walking tour of the snowy streets of the city of London and find the locations of Susan Philipsz's "Surround Me" sound installations. She set out to "convey a poignant sense of absence and loss in the contemporary City of London" - and based on the four I've seen, she succeeded. The exhibit is only up on weekends and there are only three more weekends when you can experience it. Go, I say, go. I will be out tomorrow with all of my layers on because I love beautiful sad things.