December 29th, 2010

Chinese tea

End of theatrical year; nature videos

I saw my last show of the year this afternoon - the Lyric Hammersmith's Jack and the Beanstalk. I enjoyed it although it wasn't as fabulous as the Hackney Empire's production. I was also struggling with a cold I've picked up - nothing deadly but a bit of a cough, sluggishness, and the feeling that dwarves were kicking me throughout the night. And I basically ODed on gungfu style tea yesterday during the pancake party and couldn't really get to sleep until 2 AM so I was really worn out. Thank goodness I'd already planned on taking a holiday today; I wouldn't have been worth a tinker's damn if I hadn't slept until 10:30 and wasn't worth much anyway.

So thus starts my four days of seclusion as I prepare to play nurse as wechsler goes into surgery tomorrow AM. We got off to a roaring start with a double-bill of Attenborough: an article about him in the near-last-Metro-before-Christmas pointed out some of his "favorite moments" were ones I hadn't seen yet. Specifically, I hadn't seen this bit about gorillas, described as "one ends up lying casually across him, while a baby gorilla unties his shoes." I figured that was in Life of Mammals. Since the list of "top Attenbourough moments" wasn't in the regular (searchable) Metro but only in the weird E-edition (this is the link but you have to be registered to use it, I think; note I searched on the word "termites"), here is the rest of them:
2) Zero gravity. Flying in "Flying Monsters" (which was being promoted by the article & isn't out on DVD); zero gravity in NASA unit in "Living Earth" (don't think I've seen this yet).
3) Mating tortoises, from "Life in Cold Blood" ("Making love in a suit of armor is not easy" - haven't seen this series yet, will do so after the mammals).
4) Penguin huddle time lapse (from "Planet Earth" and remember it vividly).
5) Inside of a termite mound (from "Trials of Life," which I get the feeling I may have been avoiding).