January 10th, 2011

Sea dragon

Barely a week into the new year

Wow - today I've finished my first book of 2011. That means that I've bought new books, seen a movie, squeezed in three plays, and bought a book (by Jasper Fforde, a kid's book I bet I'll really enjoy). That means all of the side links for this blog have been updated - I doubt most of you read them, but I've been tracking these three things for about seven years now.

Today I did some planning for my Easter travels, picking up a ticket to Palermo for Tuesday, April 18th. Irritatingly, I think the price doubled over the course of the day. Grr. My plan is to go from there to either Riga or Talinn on either Easter Monday or the Wednesday after. I'm a bit torn; I like Sicily a lot but I kind of think I'll be wanting to move by Monday. Then again, maybe I'll get bored in the Baltics after four days. It's hard to tell.

Meanwhile tonight was a quiet night of Pilates (first time in a month, actually did an exercise perfectly I'd never managed to do before, as if forgetting to think actually helped me do it smoothly), a dosa, and studying for the scuba class this Saturday. The video section is BORING. I think tomorrow I'll watch a few episodes and focus on the book. My guess is that I'm going to really be feeling the Pilates tomorrow.