February 20th, 2011


It's all very exciting around here

Friday night after a mind-numbing day at work (four hour meetings will do that to you), I went to see Eva Yerbabuena at Sadler's Wells with my Pilates instructor (she just got herself a website so I had to give it a link). She's really fantastic company but I wish the dance had been a little more on - it was trying too hard to be artsy and forgot to crank out more dance. And if you judged it my modern dance standards rather than flamenco, it was really amateur, despite having some fantastic dancers performing it ("with pert butts!" Alison would add).

Then, as it was early and I was only one tube stop away, I popped over to palmer1984's birthday drinks. Comically, my husband was there, too, only exactly not at the time I was. Like he left just before I got there and then returned after I left. I find this funny and telling.

The next day he and I went to Dover to see the castle. It was a really well preserved medieval-style castle (or well restored, who knows), which in addition had a fabulous World War II connection thanks to the underground bunkers all over the site from which things such as the evacuation of Dunkirk took place (my entire knowledge of this comes from reading Connie Willis' Blackout). And there was a bonus Roman building in the form of a lighthouse turned into a belltower for the church.

Unfortunately it has become very cold this week with constant misting rain and I just got too, too cold to enjoy myself at the site (no point wandering the grounds, there was no view and it was miserably wet). This meant I gave up on seeing my sixth play in six days and instead went home to warm up then went out to dinner (with J again). He then went to strike his show while I went to drink red wine and watch David Attenborough at Amy's house. While there, I got a call from Josela inviting me to brunch, which is where I am now going, after which lovelybug and I will hit a spa. Not a bad weekend overall.