February 25th, 2011

Morning cuppa

Life is feeling off. Review, "Anna Nicole" the opera

I've hit a trifecta of work, love life, and friendship stress this week, and I'm way, way down today. There was some fun, though: "Anna Nicole: The Opera" blew me away (yes, Anna Nicole, the girl with the giant boobs who married an 80 year old dude and died before she hit 40), Pilates was good last night and amazing on Monday, and I blazed through work this week as most of my colleagues were off. I also managed to get everything booked for my trip to Sicily except for the hotel I'm staying at on Vulcano. And I booked tickets to see my best friend in the States at the end of May.

But still, Stuff. I wasn't able to concentrate well today because of it and I was further brought down by not being able to get into physio. And ... well, you know, kinda yay weekend but I really hope I find something to do on Saturday day. Hopefully being around people for cards tonight will cheer me up. And with that, I need to get off of my mopey ass and clean the house.