April 13th, 2011


Random tweet meme

Waking up. Supposedly. Left my list. Have released minions early from Vauxhall took it all too seriously

This weekend it :- Oops, ! Words learned at the evening: fermata martedi.

Heh, I'll start my drinking buddy? Just wrong. Why'm I want to mention: we get my budget.

ESTEE LAUDER BEJEWELLED CHIPMUNK POWDER COMPACT. Just told a refund of packing a picnic right now.

YAY my list. It's kind of fabulous stockings at the day in search of the only 6 weeks, my review written!

Boat on my budget. Chef at work but I'd be mine. Have rewarded myself to see friends!

It shows a low budget silent movie with a you talking shit about wrapped up with the white rabbit but I?


Or not.
reading is fun-damental

Book meme day 2

2. Your earliest memory of reading or being read to

I don't have any memories of being read to. I mean, J read Half Magic to me, but that was as an adult and I don't think it counts.

But, I guess ... it does! There. My only memory of being read to. Well, actually, when I was really sick W read a very silly history book of England to me (1066 and All That) so it's not my only memory, but those two are all I have. To be honest, I can't remember not being able to read, but since the question didn't say "as a child" (though I think it was implied), this is what you get.

I mean, I guess I can say I remember my teacher reading Where the Red Fern Grows to my class when I was in 4th grade but I don't think that counts either because it was a group and not a private reading.