April 23rd, 2011

Sea dragon

Behind on book meme, Sicily update

I'm in the hill town of Erice with S and Amy right now, eating pizza at a place I came to with J and K 2 years ago. The trip so far seems to have been a wee bit challenging, starting from when the car reservation was lost when we arrived and there were no cars to be had. We were ripped off €50 fpr a €10 cab ride and paid €140 for an emergency hotel when we'd been planning on paying €75. Since then our complications have mostly been about driving (Amy is new to stick; I didn't bring license so can't help) and out total inability to find restaurants off the highway, complicated by the holidays I'm sure. Still, we saw both parades, and the part where we've decided to just eat dinners at the farmhouse where we're staying is resulting in us being fed richly. Seriously, I was served 4 lamb chops last night. This afternoon we're going to betakne on a wine tour, which I'm looking forward to. Kinda wanting to buy more clothes, too ... there are so many pretty things in the shop windows!