April 26th, 2011


Near end of Palermo update

Wow, this is wild. I am actually in the middle of a two week vacation. I haven't taken this much time off work since I moved to the UK. It feels kind of freaky especially given that on Sunday it seemed, as we headed into Palermo, that the most natural thing in the world would have been to have just headed to the airport and gone home instead of going into town and getting set up at another hotel. And tomorrow I'm going to Vulcano and staying at yet another place for five days. It all seems crazy.

For our last day in Palermo, Amy and I went to the Capuchin catacombs on the outskirts of Palermo, which turned out to be creepy enough she called it quits after 10 minutes. It did seem like they were going to reach out and grab for us (they being all of the dead people in the catacombs), so I sympathized but took my time. Then we decided to be life affirming (or deny our mortality) and basically spent much of the rest of the afternoon shopping. She and S have now headed out and me and W carry on, first stop as travelling duo a Tunisian restaurant where the prix fixe meal left us groaning. Not bad really at €15 with dessert and wine! Tomorrow an 8AM start for Vulcano where we may have no internet for 6 days so obviously we will be dead and never make it home. Til then .....