May 5th, 2011

Sea dragon

Book meme day 10

What author do you own the most books by and why?

Well, I haven't counted, but chances are good that they're either books by Patricia McKillip or Jo Clayton. Competitors would have been Connie Willis and Kage Baker. All four are prolific female fantasy/SF writers; two have now died, one (Kage) just this year. All of them write very character-driven books. Willis and Baker have both been bought and given away by me so much so that my collection has been whittled down to just a few out of print books. I worked hard to aqcuire all of Jo's books before I moved away as they are hard to find in the UK (I'm reading one in this picture); I found it heartbreaking that she'd died before I'd ever even read a thing she'd written and her work was just so very good. I dribble them out to myself; I still have about five I haven't read. McKillip, well, her books are very re-readable and the lovely fairy-tale type stories with Kuniko Craft art on the dust jackets are so pretty that I couldn't bear to leave them in the US; I also brought the various more obscure paperbacks she'd written in the 70s and early 80s along with me. I lost her as an author for almost 15 years after first reading the Forgotten Beasts of Eld (a book my mom owned) and I didn't want to lose her again.

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