May 11th, 2011

Sea dragon

Review, "They Came to a City"

I went with djm4 to a play last night, JB Priestley's They Came to a City at the Southwark Playhouse. I'd had a particularly good day working at my outpost in Bracknell (an hour west of London) and was reluctant to leave the sunshine, but I really enjoyed the good long visit with D and then dissecting the play during and afterwards. The actress who looked like Victoria Beckham, well, it was a bit of a cause for comedy.

I'm getting a bit more in the play watching vibe again after a week of doing nearly nothing but visiting my friends. Sunday, which was an essentially perfect day, consisted of tea with exedore at Eat Shop Drink (I just ate and drank and skipped the shopping), an English-language version of Pagliacci at a pub theater, drinking at the Charles Lamb, then Thor with a group of three, two of whom are ladies that I like very much but aren't on LJ. Awesomesauce really.

Today, however, was chilling and cooking at home and being really unmotivated at work (note review above). That's probably good as I'm seeing ballet tomorrow and Friday, a musical on Saturday, a concert on Sunday, and another play on Monday. I need to take a break eventually.

So yonder big question. Do I 1) invite my dad to come see me while I'm in Mississippi the week after next 2) don't tell him as it would be shitty really if he showed up 3) don't tell him because he'd say no anyway and then I'd be hurt? Lives hang in the balance here ... let me know what you think.

Meanwhile here's a video of the Maundy Thursday parade in Marsala that I went to. My vacations, they are not what most people like.