May 15th, 2011


Reviews: Dutch National Ballet and Royal Ballet

After taking a bit of break from theater in general, I've come back with a vengeance this week. I went out for ballet both Thursday and Friday night, catching Dutch National Ballet at Sadlers Wells (last piece a bit Kirk/Spock slash a la Tom of Finland) and the Royal Ballet's new McGregor on Friday which turned out to have a much better debut piece before it. In both cases, I also really enjoyed the company I had, which was my Pilates instructor for Thursday and W for Friday.

Then today I doubled up and went to a museum (woo!) and then to a play, Living la Vida London as it were. I enjoyed the Aesthetic exhibit at the V&A, though it didn't have the depth of the Ballet Russes exhibit - still, lots of good art and a decent enough attempt to show their influence on society, plus beluosus will love the bit on book binding. The play tonight was Betty Blue Eyes, a play about some people trying to wiggle their way around meat rationing by raising their own pig. It's really about a lot more than that but it's pretty fun and does have a notable song about a podiatrist, not to mention an, um, pig slaughtering scene that I think kinda splashed water on a lot of the fun we'd been having during the show.

And, as it turns out, my dad does want to see me when I'm in America, but given that the person I'm staying with said no way does she want him on her property, actually arranging this is going to be a hassle. Not to mention I'm sure he'll be a jerk to me anyway. Ah well. At least this way when he dies without ever having made the effort to see me again I can say I tried, and I presume he'll now say he tried. Can I just find some other family and have them adopt me as their daughter? I'm really useful around the house and am sure there's someone out there who'd like to claim me as their own. I make good money that I'm more than willing to spend on the rest of the family and I'm a decent cook, I tell funny stories and I like to play cards. Someone has got to want me in their family even though I'm a bit old to take on as a daughter. Come on, try me. I promise you I'll make you proud.
Proust quote

Book meme day 15; and dream

So I dreamed last night that wechsler, a short black haired Japanese-studying geek boy, and thewronghands were all doing computer thingies in my house, and that I was running around trying to find some dried apricots for TWH to snack on to keep her blood sugar levels up, but all I could find was Cadbury creme eggs. And she'd dyed her hair blonde and cut it very short but I was excited because we were getting to hang out, and she was happy.

It's my 18th anniversary today. This is the kind of thing that's really helped me get the works of Ibsen and Strindberg. With age comes appreciation for Scandinavian playwrights.

15. Do you recommend books to other people? If you could force everyone you know to read one book, what would it be?

I recommend books to other people fairly frequently, but I hate the idea of forcing people to read a book. I guess if I had a coterie of book disciples that inherently trusted my taste, I'd have them all read Proust's "In Search of Lost Time" so that I could talk about it with somebody. If I was "forcing" people to read a book, I'd pick something really enjoyable - maybe "Dragonhaven" by Robin McKinley because it's just such a wonderful read.