May 18th, 2011


How to treat other people (or, rather, me)

Basically, same rules for relatives and friends: don't be shitty to me. Show me you care about me. Don't lie to me.

Also: don't say I'm the most important person in your life and not mean it. That falls under #3. And it's sure something I've never heard from my dad.

Also also: I really don't like rejection. If you say no to an offer to see me, counter offer so I know it's not me. And if I ask you to do something with me and you hem and haw and have all of these other things you think might happen but you aren't sure of and you'll let me know when those get sorted out, well, that makes me feel pretty second rate, too. It's a nicer way for people to say they're not all that interested but still not that great.

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