May 20th, 2011

Sea dragon

It's been a mad week; One Man Two Guvnors review

Well, it's been a mad week. I went out six out of seven days leading up to tonight, going to four shows with shadowdaddy and having a lot of fun. However, what with the trip coming up there's also been some stress; plus my roommate is leaving precipitously (though with notice) due to having a two month house sitting gig come up that she had in fact said might happen. Bah and bah. And I'm going to America tomorrow and my dad is coming to visit me for part of the time I am there and is managing to be a poop about it before even getting into the car. Woo hoo. But I'm packed now, and really tired, as I haven't gone to bed before midnight at any time this week (except for the one night I didn't go out).

I did managed to get my review for One Man Two Guvnors done yesterday but no luck with Betty Blue Eyes, which I guess I'll just review while I'm gone.

Oh yeah, I left work in time to be at the YMCA at five PM for a photoshoot! They are looking for people to be the "face of the Y" and apparently the middle aged, out of shape, former Goth demographic is under-represented. So if you ever go by there, you may be seeing my face on the promotional literature or even on a big poster outside in the next few weeks!

Anyway, back on May 31, don't hurt anything while I'm gone.