May 24th, 2011

Sea dragon

Mississippi, full day 2

I think it's clear after two days here that the thing to do is set up a matriarchy and have the men be more temporary characters, "good time Charlies" who we expect to move on. Mary and I basically have this place running perfectly (she shops, I cook, kids clean) and in total harmony. Pity I don't know how to put up fences but then she wouldn't let me go. I mean, basically, isn't this the life we were talking about having when we were 22 anyway?

Spent part of today with dad after teaching Cian and Mary how to play the bean game ("Bohnanza"). It went pretty well. His not seeing me in the UK is just a bunch of silly excuses ("but I'd have to get a passport!") as the $14K he's spent on Ebay the last three years obviously could have got him to London several times over if it were really about the money. He's back at his hotel taking a nap and will be back here for dinner.

THE SCENE: Bar-b-q by Jim, Tupelo, Mississippi
Dad scoots his chair back, causing it to make a horrible noise.
Dad: That was the chair.
Girls behind us: Ha ha ha!
Me: Don't encourage him!
Girls: My dad does that too.

Rob Brezny says: Devilish laughter revels in chaos, says Loyola University philosophy professor John Clark. "It's an assault on excessive order, authority, and seriousness." Angelic laughter, on the other hand, "expresses delight in the wondrousness of life and in the mystery of the order and fitness of things." I'd like to suggest, Cancerian, that the time is ripe for you to revel equally in the devilish and the angelic varieties of laughter. So get out there and seek funny experiences that dissolve your fixations and celebrate your life's crazy beauty. The healing that results could be spectacular.

I'm kind of blown away by how totally at home I feel here. I mean, of course, part of it has to be being back in America, right? But the other part is being with my best friend, the only person in my life that I feel like has really just understood me perfectly. And in some ways I've always felt she was a bit of a mystery to me, but the mystery was just, I don't know, part of the fun, not something I had to solve, but just like, I don't know, what makes chocolate taste good or how a magic trick works. It's there and it's fine.

As it turns out it's now post-nap and post-dinner and the end of the day, and things have gone pretty well. Tomorrow I'm going to go suit shopping in Memphis with my dad. He's decided to extend his stay here by a day because of the harsh weather between him and home; I'd like to imagine it's because he wants to spend more time with me but don't want to flatter myself too much. At any rate, I'm full of roast beef and root beer float right now and ready to call it a night.