May 28th, 2011


Last full day in MS (as tomorrow is Tennessee)

(Actually part of today was in Tennessee, too, but we'll ignore that for the present ...)

Today was fairly low key, by which I mean I stopped in the Natchez Trace visitors center, went to an airport (to pick up my hostess' husband), ate lunch at a Southern restaurant (meat and three, in this case pork chop, fried green tomatoes, cukes and maters, and green beans), bought pig food at a feed store, bought a Roseville vase at an antique store, tried my first ever Southern style tamale (at D-Shy's tamales, recommended by the antique store owner and AWESOME), went to the Corinth Civil War interpretive center, then randomly decided to drive to Shiloh because there was a sign pointing to it on our way out of the interpretive center. Hey, why not? We got back home about two hours later than we expected but it was all cool. I made dinner, we played Pirate Fluxx, and I spent an hour packing when I meant to be in bed.

You are of course wondering what a Southern style tamale is. They sell them out of trailers here like they might burgers in other places or coffee in Seattle. Key elements: tubular, wrapped in paper, tied in string, no filling per se, just corn meal. Taaasty.

That brings us to now. Really, I think as a day this one was pretty full even though I think I didn't do much. Shiloh was kind of pushing it. Sure wish I knew what my luggage weighed...

Tomorrow will be the Ripley, MS "Monday Market" (held the weekend before the last Monday of the month) and Steve Martin at the Memphis Orpheum, with my hostess and her son (he's catching a plane the same day I am, Sunday, so we're just going to spend the night in town beforehand). All things considered (i.e. Dad and then some other stuff I won't mention publicly), I feel like it's been a pretty good trip - but I may not have internet tomorrow night so best to say it now.

More on Memphis

Well, not only did we get the hotel with the "Hell's Lovers" biker convention, but on our street is the "Babylon Strip Club" and, I shit you not, "Tammy's Adult Shop." Only the sign says XXXTammy'sXXX Adult Shop." And there's at least one more strip club. And the band hotel is playing "My Sharona."

Otherwise: into Memphis at 5, walked around Beale Street, ate some Mexican food, went for a ride on the downtown loop trolley (partway on the banks of the mighty Mississippi, so awesome and still very high, as wide as Westminster to St Pauls I think), then hopped off and walked to the motel where MLK was shot and got sniffly. From there it was just a few blocks to the Memphis Orpheum where the Steve Martin bluegrass concert was taking place. in short, a good time had by all, and tho only 11 PM I am exhausted!

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