June 5th, 2011


Kayaking in Poole

Yesterday was a fun trip to Poole to check out the rather massive harbor by kayak. wechsler, babysimon and I all went, arriving for a 2PM start. Sadly we were in the Hawaiian style sit on top kayaks, the ones that have the holes letting in the water, so I had my ass in a puddle from the very start. Color me unimpressed. Also color me and Simon uncomfortably wet (though I at had a change of clothes). I was also aggravated because if I'd figured out the kayak type I could have changed into my suit and at least spared myself the irritation, but I didn't realize it until the boat was in the water.

Anyway, we navigated our clunky boats into the harbor (with a family foursome), but the wind picked up and in front of a island sandbar the combination of tide and wind let to little tiny whitecaps and our progress slowed to a snaillike pace. Grr. We chose to not go around a distant island as the crossing would have been agony, and instead tootled around in a quiet bay and looked at deer grazing on the island. W was having a grand old time in a kayak by himself, shooting ahead like an arrow, basically getting to know the machine; S and I were more leisurely. I do always like to poke around. We were all pretty creamed by the time we got back to the landing. I fell asleep instantly on the train; W and I wolfed down a big Indian dinner in Tooting then collapsed without a whole lot of conversation.

That said, more kayaking is definitely in store, and I'm expecting this is a summer where Awesome Will Happen. One thing that won't be happening is an instantaneous replacement for my roommate: only one person was free to look at it today (only 3 people have been in contact) and I don't think it was her style. Ah well. I'll keep at it.

Aftereffects of kayaking: London Road Review

I'm really behind on reviews: I've seen four shows since Wednesday but just managed to get London Road written up on the tube this afternoon. Man, what's up with this "working on the job" thing? It's getting in the way of my writing.

I forgot to mention earlier: I've had this sore elbow since Palermo, see, and after we were done kayaking it ached and ached. By the time I got home it and its little friend My Left Elbow were in very sad shape, not to mention my forearms, which got worked out. I wound up coating them with BenGay before going to bed to try to ease the pain. Anyway, the net result was the damned things hurt so much that around 1 AM I got out of bed and took aspirin because I could no longer find a way to lay on the bed where my elbows did not just hurt like a mother.

My elbows have been a bit of a problem since I moved here but this was just inexcusable. When I go to physio on Tuesday I'm going to see if I can sneak in a little chat with the supervisor to see if he can give me any clues about my stupid elbows.

As a bonus, I burned myself on a hot metal plate with Indian food in it last night, then bumped my arm against something when I was cleaning the house and the skin came off. Now that's a fucking burn. I've got Neosporin and a bandaid on it now.

Oh yeah. Today was awesome, just like yesterday: had a person come by to see the flat earlyish (it was a no go I'm sure), then went to see Coco at Sadler's Wells, then rushed to the Barbican to see a friend perform Candide (by Leonard Bernstein). I got to a bit of a late start because I was planting some lilies I bought before I went to America and then left in a plastic bag to go moldy; to my pleasure, it's rained steadily all this afternoon so they should be well on their way to rooty goodness. Life is generally looking good and I would like it to stay that way.