June 6th, 2011


Review, "A Delicate Balance:" my life

Man, I had a great time at Coco but I'm getting way behind on my reviews due in part to roommate hunting and also to, er, seeing more shows (went to see Chicken Soup with Barley tonight). However, I did get my review of Albee's A Delicate Balance written and managed to update my CV suitable to submit it for a job tonight, so while I'm a bit behind I'm still seeing progress.

Tomorrow it looks like I'm going to get to take it a bit easy as my 10 AM appointment in Bracknell is cancelled and my dinner with dreamsewing is on hold due to her being ill. However, this means I can show my flat to a possible new roommate (hard to find time for this), which I think is a good thing - really hoping this person works, I've only had one actual viewing since my ad went live on Friday and I'm a bit frustrated. I know living by myself doesn't work well for me, but I don't want the wrong person to move in, but then I don't want to be all broke this month which I will be if no one moves on. So ... good to be able to do this, hopefully she will work out.