June 13th, 2011


Whoa tea! Review, Luise Miller, Donmar Warehouse

I had a wee little tea party yesterday mostly as a catch-up event for mr_lovelace and as an excuse to try some more lovely cake from lolliepopp, that also had a wonderful lauren_close, dreamsewing, Corinne (my recently departed roommate, the Quisach Haderach, however you spell that), and a brief appearance from trishpiglet. Despite my fears we did not actually run out of food. In fact, we had a bit too much, though I think the two last scones would have been eaten if we'd known for sure the last guest expected to come wasn't actually going to make it. As a bonus my new roommate showed up about three hours into it all with all of her stuff in tow (as well as her dad and brother) and I can't help but think that the fact she didn't run away screaming bodes well, but then again, there was tea and cake and who wouldn't find that a good welcome? Her dad apparently said later, "Don't worry, I'm sure she'll look after you" and that made me feel good.

On the other hand I think I had so much tea to drink that it affected my ability to sleep, and that wasn't so good: God only knows I was a tornado of productivity between 7 PM and 10, doing all the dishes from the party, hanging laundry, cleaning cleaning etc.

Saturday was a trip to see the Tracey Emin exhibit at the Hayward with countess_sophia followed by Emperor and Galilean at the National with robot_mel and beluosus, so basically hanging out with totally awesome people all day and what is not to like about that all? Sadly neither the exhibit nor the play did anything for me but it did provide fodder for conversation - a review will follow shortly.

Friday after work (during which I got my hair done, it is very red now) I went with exedore to see Luise Miller at the Donmar Warehouse. If you like religious, Romantic era plays with obvious plotlines, where people die tragically, you'll get a kick out of this one - I did.

In short: ace weekend. Tired now.