June 20th, 2011


When I open my door tomorrow I will see my pony

In 2000, at the beginning of the year, I read the "Free Will Astrology" section of the paper (despite the fact I don't believe in horoscopes at all, but I love Rob Brezny's writing), and it was the most beautiful thing ever and I decided it would be my words to live by for 2000 ...

but several job changes later the tiny piece of paper I had stuck up on my cubicle had disappeared and if you Google "2000 Rob Brezny Cancer horoscope" or what have you, you will find nothing, because the internet is still really very young.

But I knew there had been this beautiful thing out there (like the song I heard one afternoon as I drove my car away from work, playing hooky after so many 60 and 70 hour weeks that I couldn't count, never home for dinner, the sun shining on an incredible Seattle day and KEXP, then KCMU, playing "Tell me you can do it (yes I can, yes I can)/Cause that's the way to do it (it's the plan, it's the plan)" a song I never heard again and still do not know who wrote it or indeed if that's the lyrics because it is gone forever), and I went and rolled the dice and just wrote the email address and asked Mr Brezny if he still had his 2000 horosope for Cancerians.

And here it is, still just perfect and 100% inspirational.

"CANCER (June 21-July 22): The Italian city of Florence harbors the richest trove of art treasures in the world. It is also the home of a rare psychiatric disorder caused by its plenitude of gorgeous masterpieces. With uncanny regularity, foreign tourists experience breakdowns in the face of such overwhelming loveliness and delight, and are rushed to the mental ward of a local hospital. I bring this up, Cancerian, as a way to prepare you for the onslaught of beauty headed your way in 2000. If you begin building up your expectations for it now, it'll never knock you on your ass."

"Prepare you for the onslaught of beauty headed your way." Fucking bring it and can I say hello to year 44, one hour early.

PS: Horoscope for this week not so inspirational so I'm sticking with one I like, especially since it was so damned hard to come by.