July 3rd, 2011


A weekend full of learning

So this weekend I learned:

1. Don't hard boil cold eggs. They will explode in the pan.
2. Brownies made with oil, cocoa, and one egg are not nearly as nice as brownies made with butter, chocolate, and four eggs.
3. Even years after purchase a blue bath mat can still put out plenty enough dye to turn a white bathmat pale blue.
4. When drinking four shots of vodka in a short period of time, say 10 minutes, it's best to pause a bit before having two shots of the 180 proof stuff.
5. Pirate hats make any game better.
6. I am apparently capable of having a riotous day and evening without ever leaving my house, provide people keep me well stocked in eggs.
7. If BBC says a show is going to be available for viewing on IPlayer until, say, July 3rd, be sure to check if there's a timestamp but do not assume they mean midnight. (I missed out on the Amazon episode of Unnatural Histories and am sad about this.)

I think I may have learned some other stuff but at this point in time I think I should follow a previous lesson, which is that work is much nicer if I get 8 hours of sleep the night before.