July 4th, 2011


A very nice weekend with cards

This weekend was blazingly fun. Saturday I spent the morning cleaning and cooking, with bonus shadowdaddy to help with the yard and organization.Share photos on twitter with Twitpic Then I had an Andrew and a babysimon over for cards - four hours of Euchre and Whist and sandwiches and brownies and tea (iced and hot) and chit chat and good times. Then Andrew headed off for an evening of ballroom dancing, and wechsler showed up with taco fixin's, and we played a wee round of Tigris and Euphrates until we were unable to bear the hunger. Then I plunged into cooking, with all three guys in the kitchen at one point helping out - washing dishes, chopping tomatoes, stirring beef, pouring drinks, giving the head chef a backrub (I liked that a lot). Then it was tacos, and wine, and then we pulled out Pirate Fluxx and then we started making martinis and we all wore the captain's tricorn hat and then I pulled out the Greek raki and we were talking about whether or not we needed sodomy and lash "keeper" cards so that we could round out the "goal" of rum sodomy and the lash (the card doesn't exist but it should). Really, it was just a great night.Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

Then Sunday I had a lazy morning (involving French toast) then went up to Walthamstow to visit dreamsewingmiko and had be measured for my new outfit (getting ready for Halloween's White Mischief event). Home at last and dishes galore and laundry but I got a phone call from shadowdaddy thanking me for the most excellently fun day he'd had in ages, and, really, I had to agree, it was the best day I'd had all month, and a great way to kick off July.