July 18th, 2011

potato mountain

Getting ready for the ILR

So there are a lot of documents I need to get together in order to apply for ILR. I've done one of the most daunting things needed in the process by signing up for my appointment (can't handle waiting for 6-8 weeks or more for a response), which will be at the end of August. My success or failure will determine if the party at mine on August 28th is a celebration or a leaving do.

Here's what is missing:
1. Proof of economic activity (letter from HMRC requested; should be 2 weeks)
2. Proof of sufficient funds (need most recent bank statement - the one that comes in 2 weeks - as need to prove for most recent three months from date of application; also need a savings account statement which appears to only be issued twice a year; most recent one is lost in the pile of US tax documents)
3. Proof of residence since last visa application (this is a pain as I've gone to paperless bills for most of my utilities and this does not make UKBA happy even though the utilities really like it)
4. A letter from my employer confirming that I am in good standing (will request this at the beginning of August)

Stuff I might need but am not sure:
1. Document(s) confirming I have spent a continuous period of 5 years in the UK as a work permit holder throughout that period (I have no idea what the right document is to prove this)

Then there are some other things (passports, birth certificates etc, list of all absences from the UK) that I need but are close at hand or easy to do.

Argh, what else am I missing?