July 31st, 2011



Iceland/Greece: where should Booklectic and I go? Decided by £200 RT fares, we opted for Iceland. It's now the end of our trip, and it's been a string of neatly averted catastrophes, from my missing the plane (confirmation email had wrong time; SMS with changed time never arrived), which led to me going on the next flight at no extra charge; shit weather (cold and rainy) but the harbor tour was cancelled and refunded; ridiculously out of the way B&B but managed with bus (and £20 taxi the night we missed the last bus, a very early 10:18PM); the bathing suit that was not in my bag when I got to thr thermal baths (but a substitute in lost and found); then finally leaving my camera behind on the shuttle today (but the driver was on his coffee break and I got it back).

Iceland's really a place for outdoor adventuring, and we got our fill. Day 1 was the Blue Lagoon, a giant salt water hot spring set up so you wander around in waist to knee high water. As it was cold, the steam coming off the water was spooky and the warmth a joy; we did an hour or two fooling around in the water and sauna, then had lunch (£17 ow) and headed back to town for naps. Yesterday was the Golden Circle tour, which meant waterfalls and geysers and glaciers and rift valleys and too much rain. Today was Icelandic pony riding (by myself but great fun). I'm now utterly worn out. The trip was a great success and I consider travelling with Booklectic most awesome. Bring on Deep South 2012 I say!

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