August 6th, 2011

Sea dragon

Kayking did not happen

No luck kayaking as due to it being hot I drank about 6 glasses of iced tea at work and then was vibratingly awake well up to 1 AM. I finally decided a 6 AM wakeup call for boating was not in the cards.

I had a good enough day after I got up (at 10 AM) but it's a shame about missing the kayaking, not as much of a shame as it would have been if I'd gone and it had been as shitty as it was going to be on no sleep.

Tonight I watched Arietty with shadowdaddy and we then ate curry and reviewed the various tenants that applied to live in our house in Seattle. Final check was the Facebook research. I felt a bit guilty but hey, if you're going to put up a profile picture that is you getting drunk, you get what you deserve.