August 20th, 2011

Sea dragon

Reviews: Tennant/Tate "Much Ado;" Betrayal at the Comedy; job update

It's been a busy week; out every night (well just to Pilates on Wednesday but it felt busy), off to see Betrayal at the Comedy Theater on Tuesday with game designer Sophie and then to Wyndham's Thursday to see the Tate/Tennant "Much Ado About Nothing." I thought Betrayal was fantastic; truly it is a modern classic, one with a script that kept me riveted for all 90 minutes. Mostly I found the casting "competent" but it was the story, of a love affair told going backwards from after its end, that made me lose all sense of time in the theater.

In many ways Much Ado is the opposite of this play, a complete bit of fluff (as are most of the comedies). However, in this case the casting marred my experience: Tate's ham-handed style distracted from the show. It was a fun night, though, and it turned out I'd never seen "Much Ado" before so there was one for the life list.

Then as a bonus I went and saw Legally Blonde again last night, also with Mr. and Mrs. noirem. It's still the same show, with not a lot of brilliant songwriting (though "Oh my God!" is actually quite an earworm): but somehow knowing more about what to expect I was able to relax and enjoy it more. And I do love its message: that as a woman, your goals in life should be being true to yourself, value keeping your word, and don't backstab other women." Once again, compare it with Twilight (your goal in life is to get a boyfriend) and it's SO good.

Mothra came and said hi this morning when I got up. I like that. So she's getting friendlier.

I got the news at about 3 that the Cheapie Flights interview didn't go through, as I wasn't the "right fit for the corporate culture:" I'm not sure if it's because I don't have sufficient experience working in Agile or because I said I needed to leave to be back in London at 6 (which I didn't even manage, wasting half an hour of my Pilates lesson) and needing to cut short the interview (they told me it was only going to be an hour but apparently that was a lie). I didn't want to work in Luton anyway and thought the job was going to have a negative impact on the things I do love about my life i.e. working in London and being near my friends and all of the theater and stuff but I'd rather be turning THEM down and at least feeling like I have some options. I'm feeling trapped, despite the fact I was able to spend my lunch break getting a pedicure yesterday and I got my "Betrayal" review finished in the afternoon. I'm just really done there.

Today will mostly be spent on the Thames cruising up to Kew, at Kew, and then at my house making tacos and playing cards. So it should be a good day. Still very caught up in reading Mieville's Kraken.

Oh yeah. The Sunday a week from tomorrow we're having a huge party here to celebrate getting the ILR. If you're a friend of ours, feel free to drop by.