August 30th, 2011

disco ball

What a weekend!

Well! I just had so much celebrating it's going to take me a whole 'nother week to recover. I got started Wednesday night with a big Mexican dinner at Lupita held by my friend Josh in preparation for his wedding on Friday. I was nice and only had two margaritas (unlike the rest of the crew, they are a heavy drinking crowd). This was all to calm my nerves for for ....Thursday, when J & I got approved for the ILR after a LOT of waiting (five years in the long but five hours from the time our "appointment" was supposed to start - it was more like timed admittance to get in line). This was a very big deal for us as it means we can now stay in the UK for as long as we want (as long as we don't get in trouble)! I had a margarita to celebrate over lunch then we headed to Milton Keynes to see Top Hat the Musical (note: Milton Keynes is a LONG WAY from Tooting Bec if you want to get home in time to get in bed before work in the morning). Top Hat was fun but I was really, really worn out by the time I got back home.

The next day was work from home and then Josh's wedding! Josh is my friend and former Tripadelic coworker and seeing his relationship with Mark blossom has been a real treat. After the ceremony, we all headed to Dishoom in Leicester Square for a reception with lots of very tasty nibbles. We were also given bottomless glasses of Pimms, which I topped off with white wine and the champagne/prosecco toasting flutes. Whew!

Saturday was the ellbie baby naming ceremony at an awesome pub on the Thames at Barnes (with bonus visit to Orange Pekoe tea house across the street, it was GREAT), where I saw tons and tons of my friends - it was very much "the gang is all here" with all of the people I met from the very beginning of coming to visit London - so many of them have kids now! We got lots and lots of congratulations there and it was all very cheerful. Then babysimon and I went back into London for part 2 of the Josh and Mark party, limiting ourselves to just some 5 or so glasses of wine each and a fairly early departure (10PM, after the drag queen sang).

Then Sunday was the "Celebrate the ILR" party, which wound up being a bit smaller than I expected but which was a perfectly lovely afternoon and evening with lots of people who's company I enjoy. We even fit in a round of the Polling Game and Once Upon a Time. It went from about 2 until midnight and MAN I had a lot of fun (but not too much to drink).

Then Monday as it was a holiday a few of the usual suspects and I went to lolliepopp's for a round of rock band, which meant I was rocking out for about 5 hours ....only 2 glasses of wine this time as I think I'd rather worn myself out. In fact, I'm ready for lots of healthy living this week ... but I feel like I've really celebrated getting to stay here in grand, grand style!