September 2nd, 2011


Oh Dad

So ... three days ago I see a sweater on Ebay that I want. I, however, cannot bid on it due to seller settings: I need a US seller. I email my dad about it: hey, he's spent $10K on Ebay in the last 3 years, he can do it. Cue this exchange yesterday.
Dad: I can't buy it as my pension is zeroed out. And I haven't had any sleep.
Me: Well, the auction ends before then. lastwordy_mcgee will bid on it for me. Don't bother.
Dad: DONE!
Me: Now you're bidding against my friend.
Dad: You need to send your email to me in a bigger font so I can read them.

Anyway, the sweater is secured. And tomorrow I'm taking a lovely holiday in France and really looking forward to it except for the part where , in keeping with every holiday I've had this year, it will be raining.

Else: no new interviews this week. I will keep looking.

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