September 26th, 2011

Angry White Poodle

If I keep moving fast enough. Review, Mike Leigh's Grief and One for the Road/Victoria Station

I had this theory about this month, that if I did enough stuff I'd get to a point where suddenly all of the changes I have had in my life would just have become "part of the way things are" and I wouldn't be able to get upset about them because they'd suddenly have become part of the past.

Well, this weekend I:

Visited ergotia (yay!)
Went birthday present shopping
Saw a play in Hammersmith
Had a blind dinner date (this one could at least carry on a conversation)
Went to lolliepopp's birthday Rock Band at a Pub party
Walked the Wandle with wechsler
Played cards at a friend's house (with shadowdaddy
Had dinner with _la_mysterieuse

The upshot is I was certainly EXHAUSTED by Sunday night but I unfortunately was not busy enough to not notice that my life feels like a giant disaster in which I am frequently very lonely. I am really succeeding in keeping myself busy, though. But I felt quite down during the party Saturday night, when I was surrounded by many people I really like (in fact most of my best friends here), but I just couldn't shake that core feeling of heart-brokedness.

Today is more busy as I'm seeing two plays. No news on the last interview, but time to go to work now. Oh, but here's my review of Grief, the new play by Mike Leigh, and the rather awesome Pinter double header they're doing at the Print Room in Notting Hill. No luck writing up Metamorphosis or Havana Ratakan yet as I'm actually too busy to do much writing.