October 1st, 2011


Wakefield and North of Yorkshire Florists' Society AGM

I am at Wrenthorpe Village Hall for the Annual General Meeting of the Wakefield and North of Yorkshire Florists' Society. I came up to Bradford (Shipley) last night and headed over here via public transportation. I made good time here but I'm kind of embarassed because basically I showed up and immediately spent almost every penny I bought. I now have about 50 tulips (several are new species tulips, including varieties from Iran and Crete), 3 Beurré du Mortier pears (a fundraiser) & a strip of raffle tickets. I now have exactly enough money for lunch and a bus ticket back to Wakefield and nothing more! I'm also drooling over the tulip paintings by Margery Walkington. Somehow £200 for art seems like a good way to spend money - and yet I was just congratulating myself for keeping my expenses doen this month! Oh what to do.

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