October 23rd, 2011

Angry White Poodle

I remember I used to post here three times a day

I am spending most of my writing mojo doing reviews instead of blog posts, though of course I'm on Twitter about every hour I'm awake. I still don't have enough time to keep up with my bare minimum of writing, which for me is the reviews of shows I've seen. I wrote up my trip to Office Party under pressure - since I'd left before the end, I felt safe skipping a writeup, but not so for the company that had given me free tickets. Boo.

After having a completely shit week in which I spent almost two full days trying not to randomly burst into tears at work, things started picking up after an evening at booklectic's. Now, I still think I'm probably on the right track here when it comes to dealing with the ultimate source of a lot of the stress and drama I have to deal with (that's not about being lonely and rejected in the arena of love), but it's still coagulating into its final form so no giant drama-generating announcements here or anywhere else - I just need to get on with my life and try to do things that will lead to me being more mentally healthy.

The weekend was really great for me. Friday a mindblowing night at Some Like it Hip Hop at the Peacock Theater (dystopian cross-dressing hip hop? Yes!), which totally blew away the two nights of ballet I'd caught earlier in the week (review of the first night, Birmingham Royal Ballet's "Autumn Glory," here). Saturday I spent the morning lazing about the house then got to work on some gardening with Sophie S and wechsler. This all transitioned into a taco party where we were joined by Brendan, Amy, and babysimon ... fun fun fun and a lot of margaritas! Then today I slept super late then headed to the Westminster Boating Base just in time to join the "advanced paddling" session. Despite the fact my boat was steering like shit and I spent the ride back with my shorts soaked thanks to an overenthusiastic move while playing kayak tag, it was a really fun afternoon, and as we went by the Chelsea Wharf building I started singing about a "girlfriend known as Elsie/With whom I shared four sordid walls in Chelsea" - singing always being a sign of a good mood for me. babysimon and I finished up our workout with a giant meal at Dosa and Chutney. So really, I feel just so much better than I did earlier in the week, but I'm aware that due to the transition I'm in :-( it's entirely possible for me to just slip right down into depression again with not much pushing. But I'm trying, really I am, and when I compare this weekend with all of those I spent on the couch, too depressed to move, it is really so much better than my life was say just two years ago.