November 4th, 2011

Bubble T

OIl painting and review of "Grand Guignol"

Yesterday, bleah, couldn't sleep right, got into work late (deliberately) but still spent day in a coma, just not an overemotional weepy coma.Afterward I went to the Soane museum for the first night of my five week oil painting class. We mostly did an overview of the materials: brushes, types of oil, turpentine, color (cheap and pricey). I learned the darkening of oil paints is caused by the oil degenerating over time, and that cochineal is now illegal for paint, but okay for food, but it doesn't matter because it's a red that deteriorates rapidly.

We had three exercises last night, designed to teach us about working with our materials. First we did an ultra pale blue that we created five intermediates stages of (using less white paint) to get to ultramarine (I took eleven tries, with two repeats that were the same color on paper, oops); then we did a near black (umber mixed with ultramarine) that we lifted up to the palest gray in 7 steps (this I managed); finally we did a mixture of red in green, red, green, and the mixture more to the green and then more to the red, lifting each color by adding white, two times each. This, actually, was about learning to keep your colors uncontaminated! Finally we took a canvas and did an ultra umber was, all turpentine with a drop of umber, to prepare us for the work we're going to be trying net week. I think it will be pretty exciting, really. The class is all women, oddly enough, but mostly younger ones.

Then it was back home, where I inflated the twin air mattress for eglantinedreams and wrote up my review of Tuesday night's show, Revenge of the Grand Guignol, which was, in my book, a spooky good time. This of course took me up to 11 so I didn't quite get to bed at a good time. I am really looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.