November 14th, 2011

Sea dragon

Back in London

I had good luck getting into town at a decent hour - as I flew a domestic flight there was (for once) no passport control, and I managed to get a slightly earlier train than I expected. Thus home at 11, but had to take a shower as overheated then my roommate showed up and we had to have a little chat about details of her moving out this weekend. But then I went to bed and could not sleep, it was horrid. I'm supposed to see a 3:20 Hamlet tonight and I have a feeling I'm going to be not very much up for it.

Here's a picture of lovely Inverness I wasn't able to post on LJ while I was there. I was lucky to catch a bit of fall color despite it being so late in the season. In general it was milder than I was expecting and I was very grateful for it!

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