December 26th, 2011


Review roundup: Richard II, Hackney Empire Cinderella, Birmingham Royal Ballet Nutcracker

I've been very naughty this December as I've seen about 15 shows and only bothered to write up about half of them. I'm trying to catch up over Christmas break (in between playing with Mary's potbellied piglet and reading "The Devil You Know") and this is where I am: one combo review for Richard II at the Donmar (good value for ten quid but not life changing) and Cinderella at the Hackney Empire (lacking a lot without Clive Rowe), and then a mini-review of the Birmingham Royal Ballet's Nutcracker, which I mostly wrote up because I thought it was a fun show and they're bringing it to the O2 arena in London starting December 27th for a few days.

The month actually has had some really amazing shows. My favorite was probably the Bollywood Cinderella I saw at a tiny theater in Earlsfield; but the one I'll be talking about the longest was Audience, a play in which we, the audience, are manipulated rather extremely by the actors. I found a lack of holiday cheer in Trafalgar Studio's Dublin Carol - but it was still better than Royal Court's miserable Haunted Child. Better than both but still ultimately disposable was the National Theater's Comedy of Errors - and looking back at the lot, the only thing that stood out in almost a month of theater going, in the non-experimental, non-panto vein, was the quite excellent "Reasons to be Pretty" at the Almeida, all the way back at the end of November. It's running through January 14th and is well worth making an effort to see, and not just for those people who have an interest in Billy Piper.

I guess you can see why I haven't been able to keep up with my blogging here, as I've really been maxing out in the show viewing department this month. Even when I've actually managed to get a review written up on my theater blog, I'm not taking the time to come over here and plug the reviews; the job hunt has also burned a lot of my spare time, and getting on the computer to DO something besides buying tickets has not been a priority. Ah well, the year is nearly over, and I've got a whole week here to indulge myself in all of the writing time I could want. Hope you enjoy the results!
Sea dragon

Boxing day

Me: Are you hibernating?
Mary: I fell asleep.
Me: I know.
Mary: I was going to wash my sheets, and then I thought I'd lay down for just a minute. Then you asked me if I was hibernating.
Me: It's after two.
Mary: Is that alright?
Me: Yeah, I saw you were sleeping, then I realized I could read a book. So I took a shower and read and then decided my hair would dry best if it were under a duvet. So I took a nap, too.
Mary: You could have put it in my standing drying closet.
Me: My hair?
Mary: Yeah.
Us: *laugh*
Me: Anyway, I enjoyed my nap.
Mary: You still want to do stuff today?
Me: We should get eggs. But we should skip going to Corinth until tomorrow, so we can see the Civil War Interpretive Center properly.
Mary: I really want to do that, we only got about ten minutes last time.
Me: I thought maybe we could hunt down some Mexican food in the wild.
Mary: There's Mexican food in Booneville.
Me: That's pretty wild to me. I'm going to make myself some tea and work on my book some more.
Mary: Okay!